We are Committed to Supporting Nontraditional Career Seekers

亨内平技术学院 supports students in their efforts to pursue nontraditional careers. 由性别定义, nontraditional career fields are composed of 75% or more of members of the opposite sex. For example, a non-traditional career field for a woman employs three men for every woman. 男人的情况正好相反. (All gender employment statistics are gathered from the US Department of Labor.)

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Our Strategy is Built on Best Practices

Access to role models who students can SEE and HEAR from greatly increases the chance of persisting in educational programs and careers where they are often ‘one of few’.

Hennepin Tech has a dedicated professional who is available to meet with students enrolled in a nontraditional career field. Being up front about the challenges and benefits of a nontraditional career, she uses her resources to connect students through informational interviewing, 工作见习, joining with professional associations as a student, and making connections with other nontraditional career seekers to help them find that extra support required.

Explore some of the nontraditional career options available at Hennepin Tech



Alumni Success in 非传统的职业

‘If You Can See it, You Can Become It’

全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 & 倡议


Hennepin Tech Women in Tech and BI Worldwide Female Leaders Team Up for Mentoring

Hennepin Tech and BI Worldwide have teamed up to provide a mentoring program for female students enrolled in Networking & 网络安全. Mentors and mentees meet individually monthly and gather as a group regularly to discuss topics related to women entering a field where they are one of few. Here they learn how to self-advocate, self-promote, and to support and empower one another.

"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much."

Are you a woman in 信息技术/Computer Careers (CCIS) who is interested in the mentoring program?

联系人: 玛丽亚Vittone


招聘牙医的男性 and Retention is another program that blurs the lines between jobs and gender. Come see the benefits and career options of dental assisting. It is not just a job that women do. We have the graduates to prove that it is an excellent and rewarding career fit for men!

Career Booster Tip of the Semester


When you find yourself as ‘one’ or few of your gender on the job, you may question your career choice. This can spark insecurities about your decision to step outside of familiar gender roles. Watch this video to get tips on how to manage these insecurities. Remember to keep a positive attitude and don’t get in your own way. You know you are good at your job and you deserve to be ‘in the room’.


Leanin.org "3 Effective Ways to Manage Your Inner Critic."

Additional Support Can Come from Professional Associations

Look to professional associations to support your career choice. Though you may feel like one of few in your classroom, you will find there are larger numbers of you on the job. Student memberships are generally very affordable or free. Often these professional associations offer mentoring programs. Finding a mentor will help you to persist and secure your success in a career. Looking for scholarship money for school? These associations often raise money just for people like you! Check out the Associations below to find out how to get involved/become a member.



Need help finding a professional association? 联系 玛丽亚Vittone



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